Hello world!

Hello. The article which you’re reading is my first attempt of an article written in English. I have a few visitors from English speaking countries so I decided to make at least one post especially for them (for you!).

I’ve been writing this blog for more than 5 years and I’ve always devoted my posts to Apple company. We all know that there are many Apple fans worldwide, so a huge number of my visitors is here because people found my post on Google. I’m still a fan of the products made by the company from Cupertino but I also want to write about my other passions.

As I get older, I change my mind and I think different (it’s the Apple slogan, isn’t it? Heh) so I realize how important is to save money and be educated. And when I say education I don’t mean classic school education but the real one, the more important one. And that’s education in area you really want to know, improve and earn money from.

Really strange when you don’t know what to do in future but it also means that my options aren’t limited. I don’t have to be a doctor, a teacher… I will study my school and also will learn some basics of topics I like. And one day…who knows


Mistakes are highly possible, I’m sorry about that.

Thank you

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